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  Earth Houses Sites for SaleStarting at $25,000/Share

 hemlock grove, a soft maple at the left.. Slight downward sloop to the left. This is the only picture owner has illustrating a partial (poor example)(slight slope) recharge area. The recharge areas are much deeper then this…. but do indeed have similar types of trees.

  For Sale: starting at $25,000/share/1 approximate acre (depending) lot with shared corporate ownership of pertinent remaining 80 acres, like an association. (see bylaws Funds)  All buyers must build some sort of earth-houses or underground houses sometime. All members with (to be) like minded or compatible or similar thinking or loyal peoples and reclusive of sorts. For retreat from difficult times coming upon mankind or our society
This entire project to be not talked about, hidden where possible. Owners bylaws are presently evolving revolving around the above and all the following issues. Sites will not be shown until potential member (buyers) are screened and they can evaluate current owners and corporate bylaws and actually see the property and study it. The owner(s) has to study them. A questionnaire to be presented.

site/home/structure/complex to last 1000 years.

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