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  Welcome to WhiteWater Realty, specialists in Upper Penninsula wilderness land. For 35 years I have scouted and trekked large areas of land and lake tracks northwest of Marquette, Michigan – always with an eye to preserve and protect highly admirable sections of land that are looking for the perfect owner. I currently have Peshekee River frontage and the entire Glass Lake property for sale. This truly naturalists' property could be yours now. Click the links below for descriptions and photos of these properties.
- Richard Hendricksen, Broker
 For Sale: Peshekee River Property$45,000

 25-forested acres in the shape of a funny triangle with 1899 water front feet, that's more than ¼ mile of river frontage, asking $45,000. It's tough for an older fellow like me to walk all this shoreline especially since I pulled a muscle in my calf. It needs a path. I did walk most of this frontage many years ago. Some parts of it are just beautiful, while others are normal. Some of this frontage is steep bank to the river, but much is a 10 to 15 feet high bank, although some grassy wetland, less than an acre. If it was a +4 foot bank it would be tagalder, but there's nearly no tagalder or a very small amount here that I can remember. I do not like tagalder. The Peshekee floods notoriously every spring.

It is always important to know your bank height. The already cleared building site has a bank pretty steep of about 60 feet or so. It's more of a bear to climb, a nice staircase might be appropriate here. There is a small road leading to the river about 40 feet long. Personally, I would not build at the chosen site…. I'm pretty picky and this is where the shed is located. There are other sites for a cabin, but the existing site is easy and simple. It is just a matter of opinion.. yet such is part of the fun of the land as there are many sites. Sam my friend things this is the best site.

There is also a small mountain on the property, with views all over. To me this property is so interesting that I'd put paths or small roads here and there, depending!!!! As it is, the owner, 5 or so years ago put a fascinating road about 100 yards long deep into the center of the property and ending near a spring. This was a pleasure to walk this road, while adding paths would be something special. Another reason for my attitude on roads or paths is that the timber has not been cut for a long time. This forest is very worthwhile to walk among and this is what makes the difference for me. Much of the UP has been terribly cut, but here it is different.

I hear there are trout, brookies in the river. More common are walleye and pike and bass.. but I don't know for sure. Nearby lakes have been stocked by the DNR as was the river at one time. The McCormick Tract is just about 7 miles up river on the Huron Bay Grade and this is a gift beyond scope. This road is a poorly paved bumpy terrible road, yet one of the most beautiful roads in the whole UP leading straight into the Huron Mountain Range. One has to experience this firsthand to understand. So, the immediate area has very interesting public property to explore... a lifetime's worth.

The county paved plowed road (Huron Bay Grade) is on the other side of the river from this property, so the easement road is on adjoining property where a full legal easement is reserved (about 200 yards). It does pass by an existing neighbor who is not there. There is no power up the Huron Bay Grade. It is 5 miles up this road from Highway 41 and about 45 minutes from Marquette. About 7 years ago the owner had built a small modest shed for storage and minimal shelter. It has been unoccupied for nearly five years now, and not a soul has disturbed it, as if hidden and very private. Further: a curious alternative energy system could be established depending on one's mindset and finances.

I had my wife Jean edit this and she pointed out I needed additional comments about: Neighbors are diverse and you hardly see them at all because its all forest although their junk is scattered about. So I really don't know what the neighbors are like except for one and I describe him specifically. The river is a mountain drainage and it flows from extremes, very rapid and high to very low in dry seasons. You normally would not drink the river water cause its been sitting in swamps way upstream and its color is dark. If you were a river fisherman, you'd have a lifetime trying to figure out where the fish were and there would be endless exploration. There is no known pollution on it. And no suspected sources. The moose release many years ago is smack dab in the middle of this watershed. Sometimes wives are hard to deal with, as they destroy their husband's dreams of wild places. Well, this parcels in a nice compromise... it's close enough that she can escape to town and he can escape to much more wild areas. Please realize I'm generalizing.

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