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My notes link for sulfide mining can be found below or linked at the left. They are a sublink under sulfide mining. There are 8 essays written also.

Welcome To My (former) Campaign Website for the August 8th 2006 primary

My first campaign
Flyer # 1 (4 pages) written March 1st, introduces my candidacy. This is an overview primarily focused towards voters in Marquette County. It includes my stand on the sulfide mining controversy and its relationship to tourism.

A story on my
McCormick Grand Camp project.

Campaign ads The section contains eight short one-page ads that were in The Mining Journal, one Detroit Free Press questionnaire with my responses, and two slightly longer unpublished ads.

The first unpublished ad, called communication, includes a response to those who label me a "one issue" candidate. It concludes with an inspiring quote given to me by a very nice lady, concerning the search for truth.
The other unpublished ad is my wife final ad, Jean. It's somewhat more emotional than the published version, but no less appealing. I'm showing it here because I have the space and it has its beauty.

Four Parks: Most essays are here, 22 of them. Some photos and maps are under Photo/Maps 4Pk.
Why Large Parks: A short one page essay with Professor Powers' quotes.
Sulfide Mining: After rules promulgation, I sent comments (total 100 pages) to the DEQ. This link will take you to some of what I sent them (24 pages): introductory cover letter to the Office of Geological Survey; then essays on standards, socioeconomics, affected area, site criteria, and bonding. Sulfide Mining 2: (7 pages) continues with essays on experts, chiseling, and a conclusion. My Notes, (57 pages) include notes introduction, index of notes, and all my notes, with incomplete sentences and all. The Apple, (3 pages) is my attempt at metaphor to explain what sulfide mining really means to the surrounding “affected area.”
Written November 2004, a
history Lansing is an account of my trip to Lansing to testify against sulfide mining.

Volunteers and donations: my campaign needs both, and I greatly appreciate any help. Please e-mail me at the link below.

Endorsements - character references and letters of recommendation.
Personal History - takes you to an essay entitled A Walk In The Woods with Richard Hendricksen. I wrote it in 1993 when I was very active in my career as a remote lands real estate broker and business owner. Please do not think that I am trying to sell you real estate with it now. It is here for you to enjoy, and learn about some of my beliefs and values concerning our natural resources. A Walk in The Woods is still at the heart of who I am.
mist link tells you all about the mist photo you see at the top of every page.
Richard1s kim2richardjean
Here I am with my wife Jean visiting a friend's camp.
Above in the upper right corner is a photo of me with my good friend Fred Rydholm, who is very supportive of my candidacy.

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