Why Me

Why Me?

I ask this question to explore why I believe I am the best person to make Four Parks a reality. In short, the reasons are:

1.  Background and expertise
2.  Character and personality

My childhood and young adult work background includes stints as a paperboy, grass-mower, farm worker, house and barn painter, construction laborer, bus driver, hardwood sawmill laborer, and maple syrup producer. I also saved my father’s bottled soft-water business after he was seriously injured in a car accident. I volunteered, and successfully managed his affairs until he recovered. All this is part of what I am, which is similar to what common Yoopers are. For more,please see my web site link to “about me” for the subsequent work years of my life. 

Some or most Yoopers might not consider me one of them, and I realize this. But I have spent nearly three decades living and working here–more than half of my life. And one can put a positive spin on my “troll” origins: having lived in both peninsulas, I am an ideal person to connect the two in communication to make this happen. Maybe I’m just a wildcard, straddling both peninsulas like the Mackinac Bridge. So be it. But I am close enough to try.

I suspect, the state can not get someone from outside the UP to do this, because the Yoopers will not tolerate such; they will not give credence to any outsider.  Few Upper Peninsula real estate brokers have as many years of experience as I do in the speciality needed, which is remote land and waterfront.  I  personally like the small towns of the UP;  I feel I have a fighting chance to communicate with them, as my roots are small town.  My personality matches–what you see is what you get. This all took me a while to realize, and thereafter, step forward.

This proposal is based on my temperament, what I think I can bear and accomplish, and what I think needs to be done. I may be wrong with my plan or parts of it, but at least it’s a start, and plan that I feel will work, based on all the years of experience I possess.

At the risk of sounding over-confident, only a person with the knowledge capable of accomplishing Four Parks could have designed it. I have been the architect–I very much want to be the actual builder as well. I yearn for the opportunity, the challenge to succeed. My qualifications fit the need; my life’s work has led me here, as if by fate or destiny. And here  I stand, making a stand for the future of the Upper Peninsula and all of Michigan, before time  runs out.

Who else can do this project?  If someone else is out there, someone who can step “outside the box” and make it happen, and they want the job, let them step forward.